Selamat Datang Di Website Para Bomber Indonesia

Selamat Datang Di Website Para Bomber Indonesia

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A arts, cultural and activities venue for Singapore’s youth located at the heart of Orchard Road – received a facelift earlier today. This morning saw the unveiling of a 3 storey (12m x 42m) mural titled “evo*scape”. It was a rather laid back event, with cheerleaders kickstarting, oops, we mean kicking start the unveiling.

Guest-of-honour, Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr. Teo Ser Luck spearheaded the unveiling of the mural this morning. Mr. Teo tried his hand at graffiti by personally spraypainting two shuttlecocks onto the mural.
The mural is the proud product of 20 artistes who are part of Hothoused, a *scape visual arts collective where 20 graffiti and visual artistes are housed onsite to lend their diverse talents to social discourse. This is their way of showing support for Singapore’s bid to host the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010.The 20 graffiti artistes hail from different backgrounds which include graffiti art, film, photography, illustration and sculpting.



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