Selamat Datang Di Website Para Bomber Indonesia

Selamat Datang Di Website Para Bomber Indonesia

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IT WAS a proud moment for KDU College Penang when its team won second place at the Hip-Hop Graffiti Competition held at Gurney Plaza in Penang recently.
KDU College Penang students at the Hip-Hop Graffiti Competition.

More than 30 students from various colleges took part in the competition sponsored by Gurney Plaza.

KDU College Penang sent five teams. Uchi Khor, a second year Interior Design student and Teoh Lee Chen, a second year Digital Art and Design student, won honours for the college.

The participants were required to show their creativity using letters drawn with markers as well as cryptic and colourful spray paint.

The designs reflected the students’ interest in energy conservation activities and their concern about real world problems.

Uchi Khor said: “Society should use graffiti as it is a powerful medium for artistic expression which deepens peoples’ understanding of the world around them.”

“The competition enabled us to be creative and was also compelling and inspiring. Graffiti is a reflection of the unique and multi-faceted communications medium,” said Teoh Lee Chen.

The college's Design Institute head Tan Cheng Keat said: “This was an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their artwork.”



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